CERINA (Marine), MADRIGAL (Water Lily), ILYRIA (Honeysuckle), ALFACE (Almond Oil), MELODIA (Melon)

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Box Navy Blue 5x150GR

CERINA (Marine), MADRIGAL (Water Lily), ILYRIA (Honeysuckle), ALFACE (Almond Oil), MELODIA (Melon)
A fresh gentle morning sea breeze invades the Cerina Line, lifting the senses to a refreshing spiritual harmony. From the pleasant aroma of this line of products emerge light notes of bergamot and apple, with touches of sandal wood and vetiver that leave the skin relaxed and a lasting freshness sensation.
The Cerina soaps combines the anti-septic characteristics of bergamot with the anti-stress effect of vetiver. 
Because of the soft perfume of the Lily of the Valley, the Madrigal line awakes the senses with its rose and benzoin aroma. This perfume is emphasized by the Water Lilies, renews with the light mixture of Mandarin leaves with Lotus flower, and flourishes with the sweet touches of jasmine and honeysuckle.
With relaxing powers, the Madrigal soaps are full of vintage inspiration charm due to its romantic labels that give them an exceptional statute.
The sweet floral aroma of Honeysuckle lends an appealing fragrance to the whole Ilyria line.  Besides the pleasant and delicate perfume that gracefully releases, the Ilyria soaps have both anti-septic and purifying characteristics that guarantee a high freshness and hydration of the skin.
Enriched with essential oils of Honeysuckle, the soaps distinguish themselves through the subtle and seducing traces of it.  
Gently produced with sweet almond oil, it is one of the most powerful moisturizing oils, thanks to the fatty acids, vitamins and squalene. The Alface line is recommended to a deep cleansing and protection of any kind of skin.
Its smooth texture exhales a pleasant and sweet aroma, with smoothness similar to honey and matl syrups, and a slightly bitter freshness due to the fruity aromas and orange blossom.
The Melodia line invites to a journey through the paradise of aromas: the fruity melodic bouquet that releases the sweet melon fragrance, the light notes of green peach and the delicate perfume of the jasmine and vanilla flower.
The outcome is a perfumed, hydrated, rejuvenated skin, thanks to the healing power of melon. This fruit, due to its refreshing and moisturizing characteristics, helps to preserve a silky and soft skin. 

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